Are you getting bored despite of having easy access to so many sophisticated things around you? It is so with a lot of people in the modern world. Most of them want to use a lot of pre-build things and just use them on the surface for a few minutes of fun. However, the real fun lies in getting involved in doing something and knowing the depth of it. Let the little things excite you and don’t let yourself feel bored again.

Design course inspires students to build things on their own using various tools, visualization and analytical skills.
- Get excited about building interesting models with a piece of paper (also known as Origami)
- Get to know how to build some simple 3D models (using geometrical principles)
- Build your own web page or gift one to your friend by learning web-design (HTML)
- Challenge your friends with a computer game built on your own (using Scratch Tool)
Let little things excite you.
Try to understand the nature of nature.
Be it physics or chemistry or biology, it’s all about trying to understand the nature of nature. Human beings are put into this amazingly complex creation where things seem to work seamlessly with perfect coordination between numerous objects and living beings. And we don’t understand most of it.

Do you ever wonder why a falling rain drop takes the shape of a pear? Have you ever felt the pizza you ordered takes longer to cool down than the breadsticks your friend got? Do you know why drinking water from a copper vessel is considered healthy? Have you observed that no two leaves are exactly the same? Do you know there is more forest underground than what you see above?

In a continuous effort to understand the unknown, we encourage students to explore, get inspired to know and seek answers – no matter how seemingly simple or complex the question is.
  • These guys are very professional and creative in the way they teach. I am beyond pleased with their service.  Especially with me being busy most of the time, I am happy that someone else takes best care of my son's academics w.r.t Math and Science. - Samantha.

  • Learning Math got much more interesting than ever before. Now I feel like I have a complete understanding of the concepts and I am in total control of what I am learning at school. Thanks to MaD with Fun, my math grades got much better and now I am more confident with math and logic. - Anita